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Wise Move has over twenty five years of experience in the moving industry and is most certainly well-equipped to aid you in planning and preparing for your upcoming adventure. In a nutshell: we fast-track quotes from the most reputable companies, ultimately saving you money without having to make compromises.

1 For many people, international moving is a daunting prospect. At Wise Move we help you deal with all aspects of an international move by empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions.

2 Once you feel ready to start the process, we help by shortlisting the leading moving companies in Dubai/UAE. Tried and tested companies who provide great service and offer real value for money.

3 Finally, take a moment to enter some basic details pertaining to your international move and the selected companies will start work on your quotation. The quotation is completely free, with absolutely no obligation.

Many people desire to live in other countries though will put it off for years because they are overwhelmed by the scale of such a move. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it appears to be, and with a little time and investment you can actualise your dreams without a fuss.

At Wise Move our goal is simple: we strive to empower you with the capacity to make well-informed decisions, select and shortlist a number of suitable moving companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and ultimately save you lots of time & money without having to compromise on quality.

Moving really is a daunting experience when not handled correctly and so we will help you with each and every aspect of international moving so that you can ensure that the transition is swift, painless and effective. than trawling through a number of different websites, trying to find the best possible fit for you, you can receive a number of quotes and recommendations through us.

As soon as you are finally ready to make your move, we will begin by shortlisting a number of leading companies inside Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These companies come strongly recommended by us due to their high-end service coupled with their irrefutable value for money.

We don’t need much from you, only some basic information about your international move and a willingness to make a change in your life. With this, the selected companies that will be the ones best suited to your relocation, packing or moving requirements, will get to work on putting your quotation together and come forward with a free proposal absent of any obligation.

Allow our results and testimonials to speak for themselves. We have long served as a friendly guide to those charting international borders. Wise Move boasts a wealth of experience and a passion for making the moving industry simpler, and easier.

We believe in the positive impact that new beginnings and change can have for those who are looking to expand their horizons. We believe in the opportunities that can present themselves to those who are willing to go the extra mile and relocate abroard, and in the benefits of experiencing and living amongst different cultures.

Wise Move is solely dedicated to providing a quality, tailored service to all of our clients. We want to be the ferryman that delivers you to your own slither of paradise with as little stress as possible and we have the right experiences and contacts to make this happen; Leave it in our capable hands to find you the 4 best international movers and relocation companies whether you are based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We will make sure that this last remaining moving experience in the UAE will be a pleasant one, right before you settle into your brand new life.

"Wise Move helped me cope with our important family move"

– Mrs. D. Simpson

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Moving Companies in Dubai prices

Contents Only (No furniture)

AED 2,500

*Prices start from
  • Full Packing Service
  • Door to Door
  • Best Deal Guaranteed
  • Completely Free, No Obligation
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VIlla (Contents & Furniture)

AED 10,000

*Prices starting from
  • Full Packing Service
  • Door to Door
  • Best Deal Guaranteed
  • Completely Free, No Obligation
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