7 Ways to Guarantee an Easy International Corporate Relocation

In Tips by Steven Kane

An international corporate relocation is completely different than your standard relocation. That’s why you need to take other things into account, but worry not because today Wise Move will share with you 7 ways to make this smooth and easy! Let’s start but not without reminding you that we can help you with your relocation from beginning to end by putting you in touch with the best companies in the world. Just request a free quote and done! Now let’s get down to business!

#1 – It All Starts With a Plan:
Such an important project cannot be executed without a proper plan, especially when we talk about relocating employees overseas. The process will vary from country to country, but here are the things you’ll have to take care of:

  1. Plan everything with plenty of time in advance
  2. Provide assistance with work permit, visa and other travel documents
  3. Take care of hiring a reputable international moving company
  4. Help your employees with cultural integration, temporary housing, prepare them for their new city, etc.
  5. Track the company and keep constant communication to ensure everything goes onto the right path

And more things, therefore it is important to craft a plan and it’ll be even better if you create a timeline as well. All in all, a plan is a must if you want to make this process easy and smooth.

#2 – Understand How It Works:
As an employer who’s sending employees overseas to a completely new city, you need to make sure you understand how this process works. There are many variables to take care of, but if you hire a reputable relocation company, then they’ll take care of explaining everything to you and even offer you assistance in all stages. Understand how it all works will help you to handle things easily, and thus save more time and from the stress of doing things in a rush.

#3 – Compare Different Companies:
This is key for getting the best service, and fortunately we can help you with that, because we offer you the possibility to obtain quotes from different moving companies who can get the job done for you.
Just fill the form here and get free quotes, so you can compare them and pick the best option for your company. We work with the best companies in the world, so expect an excellent service for a competitive price! Don’t forget about this, because there are many good companies out there and you need to make sure to pick the real best!

#4 – Always Get In Touch With Your Moving Company:
Constant communication is always important, because you need to know how the process is going. And this is especially important if you want to change something, so you need to have good communication points: emails, phone numbers, etc. They need to know you are supervising them, and you have to know that this will offer you better results, because if they feel that ‘pressure’, then they will take extra care and dedication on fulfilling your corporate relocation. This applies to any kind of international relocation, but especially when we talk about the corporate world, because you need to make sure your employees arrive well to their new home, so they can work without problems and feel fully motivated.

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#5 – Don’t Forget About Your Employees:
Your employees are the most important thing here, because they’re sacrificing much in order to relocate. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention and help them to adapt to their new home.
One of the best things you can do is to offer them cross-cultural training, so they can adapt to their new city. Moreover, getting language classes for them is another great idea for integration.
Furthermore, you also need to help them with the following important tasks:

  1. Transferring health insurance
  2. Opening and setting up bank accounts
  3. Schooling options for kids (if any)
  4. A good overview on the city, best places to live, etc.
  5. Send them on a pilot trip (this is a magnificent idea!)

And that’s it. There are more things to take care of, but these the essentials that need to be covered.

#6 – Temporary Housing Is Important:
Another thing you need to help your employees with is temporary housing. They will arrive to their new city well before their shipment arrives, so you need to offer them housing options, especially if your employee has a family.
Depending on what you offer with your relocation package, you can arrange something for them or provide them with assistance to find a place to live. It can be an apartment, a hotel suite (with a generous discount), etc.
Including it in the package would be excellent, especially if they have a family, because it will make this process less stressful and much smoother.
All in all, remember that this is very important for the first days or weeks of your employees, because they will have to say some time before their shipment arrives. And now that we touch this topic again, make sure that the relocation company can provide assistance with fulfilling and passing the requirements and mandatory process of the Customs.

#7 – Be Honest About Your Relocation Policy:
And everybody knows that honesty is gold. You need to be open and honest about your relocation policy and package, so your employees can know what they are really getting into.
If you send them overseas with false promises, then you’re just setting up for disappointment. It is better to be honest and explain what you offer and what you don’t, so they can analyze your proposal and decide if they want to take it or not.

Final Words:
Now you have 7 excellent tips that will make any corporate international relocation much easier and smoother. Just apply them and see how things flow.
Questions? Just comment them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!