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With over 25 years experience in the International Moving industry, at Wise Move our goal is simple... to empower you with the ability to make informed decisions, shortlist potential international moving companies in Dubai, and save you money without compromising on quality.

1 For many people, international moving is a daunting prospect. At Wise Move we help you deal with all aspects of an international move by empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions.

2 Once you feel ready to start the process, we help by shortlisting the leading international moving companies in Dubai. Tried and tested companies who provide great service and offer real value for money.

3 Finally, take a moment to enter some basic details pertaining to your international move and the selected companies will start work on your quotation. The quotation is completely free, with absolutely no obligation.

"Wise Move helped me cope with our important family move"

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can, and a lot of people choose to pack personal items. Make sure you leave any boxes you do pack unsealed. This ensures transit insurance remains valid and avoids the need to mark the box as ‘packed by owner’ on the packing list, which helps expedite customs clearance at origin and destination.
Yes, this can prove very useful when sorting through and purging items. International moving is a great opportunity to do this! Speak with your mover and they can arrange to deliver boxes wrapping paper and tape to you.
Normally 08:30 – 09:00 depending on traffic conditions. They will work through the day with a short break for lunch.
The team will generally vary from 2-5 members depending on the size and logistics of your international move. More people can be added if required, particularly at the time of loading.
Assuming you do not require storage at origin and access to your home is good, then yes, it is likely loading can be conducted at your residence.
Essentially yes, all known costs at origin, during transit and at destination (including customs clearance and delivery) are included. However there are standard exclusions in all moving quotes, such as import duty, physical inspection by customs, container demurrage etc. ask your international moving companies in Dubai for more clarification if required.
Yes and No – The charges for transit insurance are based on the replacement value of your goods. The percentage applied normally varies between 2.0 – 3.5% of this value. Insurance premiums and coverage information will be mentioned in the quotation. If you provide a value in advance, the mover can include insurance along with moving costs to form a lumpsum price.
Certainly, cars, motorcycles and small boats can be accommodated in the shipping container. We strongly advise you to personally check on the import regulations at destination as restrictions and in some cases very high import duty and taxes may apply. Your mover will be able to point you in the right direction.

All furniture items will be unpacked upon arrival and placed in the appropriate room. Generally contents are unpacked to surface level. The movers will remove all debris and used packaging materials on the delivery day.

During the busy summer months a lot of international moving companies in Dubai will require, at least one months notice is advisable. Otherwise two weeks is normally sufficient. Always confirm in writing.

Wise Move are about to make it a whole lot easier for you

Thinking about getting the packers in & relocating internationally?

There are many reasons why you may wish to move abroad, and for a lot of people it grants them a wealth of incredible opportunities. Perhaps you are looking to move to a cooler climate, to experience an entirely different culture, or simply seeking an alternative career move – whatever the case; opening yourself up to a world of opportunity will almost certainly be worth your while. Uprooting your family and building a new life in an entirely different environment is a promising and exciting prospect and we are here to help make the whole relocation experience stress free and affordable as it can be. Through our own experiences both at work and outside of work, we realise just how daunting it can be to be facing the prospect of moving your entire life from one country to another and this is why we have focused our time and effort on developing a service that will change the packing, relocating & international moving experience from being an emotionally painful one into an exciting one that will not leave such a hole in your pocket.

Why we’re the Wise Choice for sourcing the best Movers, Packers & Relocators in Dubai; the services you need.

If you are seriously considering uprooting your old life and making a fresh start in an exciting and new location then you have made the Wise Move by clicking through to us. While the process of moving abroad is a very complicated one, the team at Wise Move are passionately dedicated to helping our clients make sense of it all.

There is a wealth of information that you will need to bear in consideration before making the move and so it is important that you compile a checklist of everything you need to remember. You will have to do everything from ensuring that all of your families Passports are up to date, arrange all of your flights and any hotel reservations that may be required, you will need to put your current home on the market and settle all of your affairs at home and most important of all: you will need to secure yourself a transfer or a new and exciting work opportunity (that is of course if you aren’t simply looking to retire abroad).

These are just some of the things that you will need to put into action when the time comes, though for the meantime it is paramount that you make sure that you are ready for it. Moving internationally is not something to be taken lightly, the benefits and the great opportunities that will be presented to you are boundless, but you should not take on such a lengthy process if you are not certain that it is what you want.

What we need to start helping you with the International Move

It really can be a stress-free procedure, all you need to do is relax and be sure to plan carefully. Wise Move will provide you with all of the guidance required for you to make an intelligent and informed decision. We will turn all of the noise into a soft and effortless whisper that will make your move from Dubai a seamless and pleasurable experience.

All we need from you is some basic information outlining your decision to move and we will pass this onto a number of local, reputable companies. They will be shortlisted in order to provide you with only the most suitable and trusted international moving companies fitting your specific requirements. Wise Move strives to provide its clients with cost-effective proposals without you having to compromise on quality. Our knowledgeable team will have listened and learned about the fine details of your move (why, when, where etc.) and will match you up to 4 options that we deem as being the best for you.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today and let us start helping you now! us today and let us start helping you now! Please also feel free to browse our useful hints and tips section where you will find some local information about the different locations you might be considering moving to.

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Moving prices from Dubai

Contents Only (No furniture)

AED 2,500

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  • Door to Door
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VIlla (Contents & Furniture)

AED 10,000

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  • Best Deal Guaranteed
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The Moving Process

After the initial phone call/email from the international moving companies in Dubai. It is vital you arrange a pre-move survey a number of weeks prior to your move date.

A visit to you home enables the moving company to

  • Evaluate the volume of goods
  • Assess the logistics of the move at origin and destination
  • Fully understand your international moving requirements and schedule
  • Elaborate and highlight how they can help
  • Empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions

During the pre-move survey, the moving companies consultant should walk around your home with you, making a detailed inventory of the items you wish to move. Based on this inventory, they will estimate the volume of your goods, allowing for an accurate quotation.

The moving consultant will be able to talk you through any paperwork you need to complete and find out more about your schedule, such as departure dates from origin, arrival dates at destination. This will help to determine the packing and shipping schedule and whether storage needs to be considered. Also consideration of  access at  your new residence is particularly important, providing a zip/post code at this time if possible is highly advisable.

You should expect a tailored quotation to be sent to you within 2 working days. It is important to check the quotation covers the full scope of your international moving requirements. If details are inaccurate or incorrect, ask the consultant to send a new quotation as this will form the basis of your contract.

At this point the moving consultant is your primary contact. Feel free to liaise with the consultant relating to the quotation or any aspect of the relocation process.

Once you are in a position to confirm the move, schedule dates taking into consideration any departure/delivery deadlines you may have.

Wise Move Tip – Confirm in writing. Most companies have a contract or acceptance form for you to complete. This is a key document as it will be referenced should there be any concerns/disputes later in the process. We cannot over-emphasise enough the importance of this document.

Once this is done, you will be assigned an operations contact person who will co-ordinate the move.

The packers are an integral part of any moving company. It is important the foreman/leader of the team is able to clearly communicate with you.

Wise Move Tip – We recommend you walk through your residence with the foreman checking details from his work instruction to ensure he fully understands the scope of the work he and his team will undertake, ie. items to be excluded, fragile items, items to be crated. This should be noted and catered for. Any concerns, do not hesitate to call the moving company and demand this is properly addressed.

The foreman should introduce all of the team members and work can begin. Ideally staircases, walls and doorways should be protected.

Every carton or item of furniture packed has a description,  and is assigned a number which are added to the packing list which is prepared by the foreman towards the final stage of packing.

Once the packing and list is complete the goods are loaded at residence, either directly into the container, or into a  moving trucks (if the goods need to be shuttled, or are transferred to a storage facility).

During loading the foreman uses a load list to account for every item removed from your residence.

Wise Move Tip – Before the team leaves, take 5 minutes to walk through your residence with the foreman to ensure nothing is left behind, check bathrooms, closets and behind doors. This also provides an opportunity to make certain all packing debris has been removed.

Airlines and shipping lines have strengths in certain regions and destinations. Your mover will have taken this into account when preparing your quotation. In order to proactively avoid delays it is important to ensure the routing is as direct as possible.

Wise Move Tip – Tallk to your mover about routing. This is particularly important if your goods have to change vessels/aircraft en route, note the transshipment dates (especially sea shipments).

The fact is despite best efforts delays can occasionally occur, due to congestion or bad weather, or other situations beyond the movers control.

Wise Move Tip – For the most up to date information you can always track your shipment directly from the carrier. Ask the mover for the website address and your shipment bill of lading or Air waybill number.

At destination all movers have a network of offices/trusted service partners. Your mover sends shipping and customs documentation ahead of time and liaises with the service partner prior to arrival, and during the customs clearance process to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

Arrangements will be made in advance to cater for restricted access, for example a shuttle service to a location with narrow lanes, or an external elevator, or a long-carry (over 30 meters).

Wise Move Tip – It is vitally important to ensure this has been addressed and agreed upon during the survey/quotation stage, hence providing zip/post codes early in the process. If not, significant additional costs may apply.

Once a delivery date has been established the goods will be delivered to your residence and unloaded ensuring all boxes are accounted for. All items will be placed into appropriate rooms

The delivery team will unpack all furniture for you, and also contents to a flat surface. Basic furniture items will be re-assembled. They will even take away the packing materials for recycling, where available. Upon completion, you will be asked to sign delivery documentation.

Wise Move Tip – Prior to signing anything, make sure the scope of work has met your expectation. If not, call the mover. Ensure you note anything which appears damaged or unaccounted for.  

Damage is unusual and wide-spread damage extremely rare. However it is important you follow procedures in order to expedite a claim. You can read more about insurance here.

"Wise Move certainly lived up to it's name"

– Mr. N. Walker