UAE: The Reasons Why It Is a Magnet for Foreign Talent

In UAE by Steven Kane

If there is a magnet for foreign talent, then it is the UAE. Many professionals from different backgrounds relocate to this country for several reasons, and in this new article, we are going to explore them all.

If you happen to be a professional considering to relocate here, then this article may be the exactly what you need to take that big decision and change your life forever. And we, Wise Move, are here to help you to relocate the stress-free way!

Without anything more to add, let’s start!

The Global Leader:

There is no doubt about it that UAE is a real hotbed for expatriates, and this study by LinkedIn confirms it. India tops it with 28%, and more and more professionals are coming to the principal cities due to the amazing opportunities they can find here.

From that study, we find that these are the most popular occupations:

  1. Mechanical engineers
  2. Marketing specialists
  3. Salespeople
  4. Consultants
  5. Accountants
  6. Project managers
  7. Finance specialists

Moreover, we can extract important information from this survey:

  • 5% choose the UAE as their ideal work location
  • It has a growing and rich oil and gas industry that attracts several professionals in this field
  • The country requires specialized and experienced professionals in different fields (from marketing to financial services)

Based on this data it is fair to say that the UAE is a very important center for international country, and it is the global leader as of now.

A System to Attract Even More Talent:

The country authorities are aware of this situation, and therefore, they are putting in place a system engineered to attract even more talent from abroad.

This system started with offering a new kind of visa for foreign workers in key fields: medicine, research and science.

This was a huge advance, because the country does not offer permanent residency for foreign workers, but under this special regimen, they can obtain many special benefits.

As of now, this system focuses on the key fields we have mentioned, but with the pass of the time, it is probable that it will expand to others.

This is another proof of how the country is aware of this situation and wants to exploit it to its max.

Expats Love It Due To Political and Economic Stability:

UAE has an outstanding political and economic stability, and this is something that foreign talent values very much.

The country is one of the top-performing economies in the world and it will keep being that way for many years to come.

Therefore, such a calm and stable political and economic climate is key for attracting foreign talent who just want to work and progress in their careers without worrying about those problems.

According to studies and projects, UAE’s economy is expected to remain resilient during 2018. This is something that will motivate even more professionals to relocate here, because if economy does well, then they will enjoy the benefits of it.

High Quality Life:

What is excellent about UAE is that the salaries go along with the cost of life, therefore, most people can enjoy of an excellent quality of life if they manage things properly.

There are so many things to do in UAE. You will never run out of leisure options, because here you can pretty much anything you want, especially if you live in Dubai.

Healthcare services are top-notch, education is excellent and leisure is at the order of the day. You will get an excellent quality of life with a salary that matches it, what could be better?


UAE is one of the safest countries in the world with one of the lowest rates of violent crime. This is another factor that motivates many professionals to relocate here. Of course, if it was for security alone it would not be very attractive, but when united to an excellent political and economic stability plus high quality life, then it is easy to figure out why expats love it.

Therefore, if you want to live a fun and safe life, then UAE is the place to be.

Business Opportunities:

UAE is a land of opportunities, and foreign talent knows it very well. There are so many incredible business opportunities here due to the large population of expatriates. Around 80% of Dubai’s population is composed by expats, so that alone gives you a very defined vision on how things are going around here.

There are several successful startups with headquarters in UAE and this trend is just growing stronger with the pass of the time. Again, this is all due to the superb economic and political stability.


Relocating to USA, UK or AU can be an attractive option as well, but taxes are the ugly part of the deal. Professionals who want to escape the burden of paying tons in taxes relocate to UAE because they do not have to do so here.

Tax-free income is another huge reason why professionals come here, because it allows them to have more economic freedom than in other countries.

Sure, there is no public healthcare, but thanks to the excellent salaries that you can get here, you will not need it. The private healthcare systems works excellently and is at the reach of the majority of people.

Final Words:

As you can see, there are many reasons on why foreign talent prefers UAE to other countries. The advantages are clear, and if you are thinking about doing the same thing, then allow us to tell you that it will be one of the best decisions in your life.

Of course, you need to get a good job first, but once you do it, things will get much easier and interesting.

Just remember to keep your spending on check, because in a country with so many things to do and buy, it is easy to lose control.

That is it. We hope you enjoyed this article, and even more important, we hope it motivated you to relocate here! 😉